Friday, April 1, 2011

Earth Week activities and menu: Esker Dining Hall

Earth Week is coming up--are you ready to do your part?

For a more relaxing event, come down to the Fresh Choices Station in Esker for some Earth Week fun! There will be special features throughout the week, with two Guest Chefs!

Monday, April 18:
  • Spicy Beans & Greens Burrito--Lunch and Dinner Special
Tuesday, April 19:
  • Blue Corn Chip Nachos with assorted, delicious toppings--Lunch and Dinner Special
  • GUEST CHEF: Eric Compas, Professor of Geography and Geology
Wednesday, April 20:
  • Artichoke & White Bean Hummus Wrap--Lunch Special
  • Cheese Quesadilla--Dinner Special
  • STEAK & SHRIMP NIGHT--Dinner Special
  • GUEST CHEF: Wes Enterline, UW-W Sustainability Coordinator
Thursday, April 21:
  • Farfalle with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Walnuts--Lunch and Dinner Special

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